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About the Photographers

DSC_6380bw Gregory & Adrienne Doring Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to look around this website. My name is Adrienne Doring and I've been taking pictures ever since my mom placed a camera in my little hands when I was perhaps six years old. I recently moved from downtown Kansas City, Missouri, to Prairie Village, Kansas, and I love taking pictures throughout the metro area. It is also a special treat to do shoots near my hometown in rural Kansas.  Photo shoots are energizing for me! It is fun to just walk around with people and capture their personalities. When I come home, I hop on my computer and do my best to create delightful artsy photographs!
I have a business degree from the University of Kansas and spent five years in the working world before leaving in 2009 to stay home. My work for the Kauffman Foundation and for the Catholic Church were very meaningful but now I want to work from home so I am pursuing my life-long love of photography!
I shoot with professional-grade Nikon lenses.  My first love is natural light but I have plenty of professional lighting equipment to use when it will enhance a photo.  I'm grateful to have some very talented photographer mentors who have helped me learn this craft.  I continually try to improve my skills through trainings and books.
My life revolves around my sweet babies and dear husband. My time is also filled with spiritual commitments, enjoying time with family and friends, reading, running, and learning to cook and garden.
My husband, Greg, is my number one fan and has a good eye for photography himself.  He helps out behind the scenes and with promotion of the business.  
We have a lot of fun together and we would love to capture your smile!  We are available for portraits, real estate photography, and event photography.  Use the "Contact" form to get in touch with us!